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Schools Distric Orders

Yes, we do accept purchase orders. You may fax your purchase order to 888-241-6332 or you may contact our purchasing department via email to submit your purchase order. The purchasing department will also be able to assist you in obtaining any required documentation for setting our corporation up as a vendor in your system. School District Order: Our goal is to provide our customers the best possible prices on the products that we carry. We do this by keeping our overhead low and putting our customers first. One of the most popular questions that we receive in regards to school district orders is whether or not we provide discounts. We do provide discounts for school district orders, but the percentage of the discount depends on the size of the order. We have experience working with major organizations such as hospitals, colleges, universities, medical schools, school districts, private schools, pharmaceutical corporations, and also federal, state, local and international governments. Needless to say, we are ready to handle any product request that you may have for us. You may contact our purchasing department to handle your school district order request.

School System Equipment