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The Essex Multi Mount Rack is a fully-welded equipment mounting solution offering exceptional versatility at an affordable price for entry-level AV systems. 

  • 10RU and 20" Deep
  • Most versatile fully welded rack that can be desktop, floor-standing or wall mounted
  • Multiple wall mount options provide flexibility for budgets and workflows: 
    • The PIVOT-MMR10 accessory for easy access to the rear or equipment via a swing open
    • The HANG-MMR10 accessory for mounting fully integrated rack
    • Or mount it directly to the wall and then integrate
  • Attractive design with sleek metallic grey finish
  • Passive ventilation designed into rack top and sides
    • Optional quiet DC fan tops move up to 276 CFM
  • Options include casters for mobility, leveling feet for fixed installation, locking solid and plexi doors that install in seconds and accessory and power kits/bundles
  • Ideal for installation in closets, basements and equipment rooms
  • Standard front adjustable 10-32 threaded rackrail
  • UL Listed and a 250lbs. (113kg) weight capacity

Middle Atlantic-MMR-1020

SKU: MMR-1020
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