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OnThe Air Video Highlights

  • Added support for 10 bit output

  • Hyberdeck emulation

  • Support for Speed HQ Codec

  • You can now set an out point on a clip that is currently playing

  • Added options to the "Natural" resize mode

  • OnTheAir Video Express now supports MIDI triggers

MovieRecorder Highlights

  • Native support for Apple Silicon computers

  • Router Control (Videohub and Ross Video)

  • Create new clip on Timecode break

  • DNxHR support

  • SCTE Log Analyser

  • Trigger an Apple Script per scheduled recording

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Hardware and Software Bundles

  • All-in-one multichannel record and replay solutions

  • Made for portability

  • Ultimate Hardware

  • Software Bundles available (if you want to use your own hardware)

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