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SureStreamer Heli

Reliable & Resilient

In an emergency, response time is critical. Police, fire-fighting, and search and rescue services depend on fast, reliable audio and video communications. Our resilient mobile network access solution with award-winning SureStream technology is designed to meet the needs of public safety aviation professionals for surveillance and video transmission in emergency situations.

This resilient, low latency solution enables high quality, simultaneous video streaming between mobile surveillance forces (helicopters, drones and vehicles), the Control and Command Centers, and the first responders.

On a low and constant latency of less than 0.5 sec. over 4G/4G+/LTE networks (glass to glass) enables fast and efficient decision-making and action-taking, in real-time.


Orange County Sheriff's Office

"SureStreamer Heli has been very well received by our agency personnel. The best part , I think, is the end user just logs in and can immediately see what our air crew is pointing the camera at either on a cell phone, lap top, or up on our big screen in our agency emergency operations center.  We have purchased 2 additional units and will have your SureStreamer Heli in 4 of our 5 helicopters very soon.  Your team has been very easy to work with and helpful whenever we have had a question.  We’ve also had 2 specific instances where an off duty tactical flight officer was watching on his cell phone and was able to radio into the aircrew something they noticed that the crew was not aware of, which led to locating a suspect in one instance, and a discarded firearm in the other."

Key Features

Immediate and Simple Configuration

Easy to use by all personnel, the SureStreamer Heli is ruggedized and lightweight, comes in a robust aluminum cage and requires no on-site configuration - boot and connect!

APT SureStreamer HELI

APT SureStreamer HELI is a mobile network access solution for high quality video transmission in less than 0.5 sec. air-to-ground!


APT SureStreamer DRONE

APT SureStreamer DRONE is a mobile network extension which meets the needs of public safety professionals for mobile surveillance and video broadcasting in emergency situations.

High quality video transmission in less than 0.5 sec. air to ground!

“With the SureStreamer Heli our first responders can have multiple and simultaneous access to the ‘eye in the sky’ in real time. The team on approach can make critical split-second decisions without direction or communication from the pilot!”

Technical Features

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